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"I am so thankful for Mrs. Royal for all her help in finding the right college.

I never could have done this without her. I am thankful for all the hard work she put in and the time she spent with me."

- Jonathan F, Student

Rain Y, Student

Mrs. Royal shined much light for me in the college application process by making most of the unknown steps known, keeping reminders for important matters and due dates, and pointing me to all the available useful resources. She’s also always been extremely kind and caring throughout. I would definitely recommend her service to anyone seeking directions and guidance for college apps.

Wendy C, Student

I am truly thankful that I had the help of Royal College Counseling through my college planning and application process. As a 2021 graduate impacted by COVID-19, the college planning services offered by Janice Royal provided me relief from many stressors I had throughout my junior and senior years of high school. As the college application season approached, she met with me regularly to narrow down the choices of colleges which were the best fit for me. She also assisted me throughout the entire application process. Whether it be SAT pointers, filling out forms, or guiding me through writing essays for the applications, she eliminated so much stress as she guided me step by step. Mrs. Royal was always available to answer any questions or provide feedback on any concerns that I had. She always promptly followed up to my concerned emails with the best answer reflecting her expertise. Thanks to Royal College Counseling, I was able to complete all my applications by August- earlier than most students. With her help, I also learned the key things to look for in every application, and got into every school I applied to with significant merit scholarship aid. As I look forward to beginning my college years at Point Loma Nazarene University, I know that I will still have the support of Mrs. Royal and look forward to staying in touch with her through the years. 

Ron C, Parent

We are first time parents trying to navigate the complex system associated with transitioning our daughter for her first years in college. Janice has been a life saver and has provided insight and one on one guidance throughout the process. She thoroughly explains the system and really seems to enjoy helping students achieve their college goals. Once we engaged Janice, she set a plan in place with goals and assisted our daughter throughout the process to meet those deadlines. This created a stress-free environment all the while giving our daughter confidence in completing her applications, essays and targeting test strategies. We would highly recommend Janice!

Len M, Parent

Janice was a huge help to our family throughout the college planning, application and testing process! Navigating the maze of college planning was daunting, even for our 2nd time around, and Janice made it EASY by helping our twin boys meet deadlines, book tours, and find and prepare the best essays and applications for the top colleges in their major. She even accompanied the boys on tours and set them up for advice from students who had attended those schools. Royal College Consulting went way above and beyond our expectations with thorough planning and a deep level of analysis of colleges strengths and weaknesses and financial considerations, helping both boys get accepted at their college of choice!

Elly G, Student

Thank you so much for all your help throughout the college application process, I would have not been able to do it without you.

Katherine N, Parent

We discovered Janice through a friend who was very impressed by her services, and I am so thankful we did! We had met with another service prior, but it was vague as to what they actually would offer my daughter. When we met with Janice, it was very clear; she had every service laid out from A to Z! I found Janice to be very knowledgeable, and she was always quick to respond to my questions with helpful answers, including research and data. She was good at keeping my daughter on task and making sure she completed each step on time, and my daughter really enjoyed working with her. She made our life much easier and I would definitely recommend her and would love to use her services again when my son is ready. 

Andrew S, Student

As my junior year drew to a close, I was faced with the daunting task of college applications on top of the unconventional methods of learning COVID-19 forced upon us. Instead of letting me bemoan the loss of all my school activities, Mrs. Royal encouraged me to use the extra at-home time to get a head start on college applications. Through flexible one-on-one Zoom meetings, Mrs. Royal broke down the formidable task of “college applications” into simple yet thorough steps that allowed me to put my best work forth. Using her resources, I was able to research and connect with colleges I had never heard of, and many of which became priority colleges on my list. With her guidance, I was able to complete and submit all ten of my college applications before school started in mid-August. When my friends talk about their college applications, I am able to relax due to Mrs. Royal’s invaluable help.

"Dear prospective student considering Janice royal college consulting"

"My name is Alex Minn; I am an undergraduate student at the University of California Irvine. I endorse Janice Royal consulting and thank her for helping me create an application highlighting my strengths as a candidate.

The previous fall, I applied to the UCs independently, but I was not accepted. I continued as a transfer student at OCC. Janice helped me select suitable courses and plan the appropriate extracurriculars.

What I enjoyed the most about working with Janice was that she did not do the work for me. She helped guide me to the best way for me to show my skills. 

During our second application, Janice was a calm and guiding presence, as well as a valued sounding board and advisor in perfecting my application.

Every student is different, with different challenges and different goals. I would advise any of my family, friends, neighbors, peers, or anyone looking to put their best effort towards attending their dream school to work with Janice; she can help."

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