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Part 2: The Best Ways to Show Prospective Colleges You’re Interested

This week I am concluding my series on Demonstrated Interest with five additional ways students can show their top choice college(s) how committed they are in attending if an offer of admission is given.

Demonstrated Interest #6

Students should find out who their Regional Admissions Counselor is and make a connection. They can visit the college’s website, find who is assigned to their high school, and read the Admission Counselors bio on the Admissions Office page. This way, when the representative does come to a students’ high school in the fall, they will be able to greet them by name (keep it formal – last names only!), and with a firm handshake. This representative will likely be at local college fairs as well. They will be the person who interviews the student if the college offers interviews, and significantly, this will be the first person to read the student’s application.

Demonstrated Interest Tip #7

Follow the college(s) on social media: Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok. Schools post daily and students can learn a lot about the college’s campus culture, important events, admission deadlines, and so much more. This information will help students decide if the school would be a good fit for them; and, it will provide them with details they can include in their “Why Us?” essay.

Demonstrated Interest Tip #8

Sign up to receive information. Get on email distribution list. Open emails from these schools on a timely basis. Open one or more links embedded in the emails. Speed read the information the school sent you. A student’s engagement with the college including all the informational emails, is tracked and becomes part of student’s admission application file.

Demonstrated Interest Tip #9

Sign up for an interview if offered. When students take the time to meet with a representative from the college, they are making a statement that their interest is genuine and that they want to learn more about the school.

Beyond Demonstrated Interest, students should use their interview to paint a rich portrait of their personality and passions. Some aspects of one’s personality and passions can be difficult to convey in the written application, but the interview can bring them to light.

Demonstrated Interest Tip #10

Apply Early Decision. Applying early is perhaps the best way for a student to show their desire to attend the institution. Both Early Decision and Early Action tend to have significantly higher acceptance rates than for the Regular Decision applicant pool. This is particularly true for Early Decision since the program attracts students who are most committed to the school. Early Decision is binding, however, so students that are accepted after applying Early Decision must attend. Because applying Early Decision is such a big decision, it displays a student’s strong commitment to attending the school.


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